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Symposium Submission

Symposium Submission is now closed!

Guidelines for Symposium Submission


Please read the following information carefully:

- submitted under one subject (to ensure cohesive presentations).
- time slot 1 hr 30,
- Maximum number of presenters 4: 4x20 min plus 10 min for discussion, and
- requirement for short abstract for each presentation as per below guidelines


A symposium overview (350 words) has to be submitted alongside the abstracts of the individual presentations.

All abstracts should be written in English. The authors are responsible for the contents as well as spelling and grammar.

  • The abstract title should contain no more than 20 words, and should be entered in the title field.

  • The first author shall be the presenter and all co-authors should be mentioned.

  • The abstract text should include no more than 350 words (title & co-authors of individual abstracts can be added in addition to 350 word count)

  • The abstract should elucidate the topic by informative text on:

• Study objectives
• Methods and material
• Results
• Conclusion

  • References should not be used unless particularly useful for clarification.

  • Personal contact details etc. are not permitted in the abstract text.

  • Use single space text without blank lines. Abbreviations and units should follow international standards. Numbers should be written in numerals.

Available Themes

1.   Epidemiology

2.   Social Risk Factors

3.   Suicide and Gender

4.   Law and Ethics

5.   Vulnerable Groups

6.   Suicide and Religion

7.   Psychological Factors

8.   Suicide, Depression and Anxiety

9.   Resilience/Protective Factors

10. Media and the Internet

11. Military and Police

12. Lived Experience of Suicide

13. Non-suicidal Self-harm

14. Schizophrenia / Psychotic Disorders

15. Traumatic Stress

16. Substance Abuse

17. Personality Disorders

18. Psychological Autopsy

19. Risk Assessment Methods

20. Crisis Interventions

21. National Strategies

22. Psychotherapy

23. Diagnostic Concepts and Nomenclature

24. Psychopharmacology

25. Postvention

26. Chain of Care

27. Restriction to Means

28. Educational Programmes

29. Suicide in Context

30. Crisis Lines

31. Refugees and Migrants

32. Social Media

33. Contagion and Clustering

34. Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide 

35. Mental Health /Suicide in the Workplace

36. Suicide across the lifespan

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